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Monday, 11 February 2013

About Mike O'Hagan

Hi and Welcome.

I'm Mike O'Hagan and thanks for visiting my blog.

Follow my journey as an Artist working in acrylics and mixed media; emerging slowly, cautiously, blinking, as the world discovers my work. You'll see some of my Art and photo journals of how my art takes shape.

I had several successful high profile leadership business roles and my career was going very well until I was "taken out" by a minor stroke in 2003. This refocused me and changed my life beyond recognition. I was left with many ongoing health challenges (some still emerging) but I got myself walking and talking again with the help of some very innovative strategies and bloody minded determination.

Now I'm on a complex mixture of prescribed drugs and medications along with Physiotherapy and Pyschologists helping me with mental strategies to live the best life I can within the limitations I have. I also have to say that I have two fantastic Consultants looking after me, without whom I would not be able or willing to be on the path I have taken. Thank you very much to the medical teams at the BRI in Bristol. And of course a GREAT family around me who may not always like the challenges I set myself, but always support me.

On this journey I found myself emerging as an artistic talent. Many years later I now have the confidence in myself (again) and my work. I use mostly acrylics often with other ingredients to create focus pieces. The "pictures" come into my mind already made and then it's my job to get the picture out of my head and onto the canvas. It's a long process. The last piece "Baby Lush" took just under three months from concept sketches to final touches and I only work on one piece at a time.

Prints of my work will be available soon on my official Website.

Follow me on twitter; @Michae11O and of course there's a Facebook Fan page here

I will update this blog regularly (but it will not be daily). 

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