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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

More Sneak Peeks

The face of The Posse.
Hi, well it's been a demanding, sometimes challenging and often funny week; where my art work has taken a back seat to planned and unplanned events. That's life! If you can't fit the good bits around the less than good bits, you're not doing it right, anyway enough preamble these peeks are more "good bits" I've completed on "The Posse."

The out rider sketch is worked up in paint.

Close up of the horse in creation.

The outrider Captain base colours and form completed.
I see the outrider as more of the Captain of the Posse rather than the seeker. This is him in my minds eye form, the literal translation of whatis in my imagination, later I decide to put him in a "duster" coat

The back rider is chasing in with some paperwork, possibly a new wanted poster?


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