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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Miami Ice Part 2

It's been a busy few days and not without the odd challenge that makes life interesting. Had a bit of a stumble, bumble trip, whoops, fall down "sequence" which I escaped from with only minor grazes and bruises and more of a dent in my pride than anything else. Still it entertained a few passers by and also luckily nobody got out their smart-phone and filmed my antics.

Meanwhile I've managed to add more paint to Miami Ice in the shape of Palm trees and a headlight. I completed the headlight for my benefit and although it looks like it's finished out of sequence with the rest of the painting, it's there to act as my primary reference for sunlight and reflections later on. And by-the-way the reflections and chromework in the headlight are constructed from the image in my mind. I used three reference headlights to get the shape and angles right in the sketch.


Thank you for watching Miami Ice appear :) I hope you like it.


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