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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Miami Ice Part 3

There's a saying in the business world often used for IT projects; "everything takes longer than you think." Directors and Executives usually say it to their Managers and Programme /Project managers, not because they are relaxed about a programme of work or a project being late, but to remind everyone to build in slack. When a delay or unforeseen "incident" happens there should be time enough to cover it in the plan. It's far better to exceed expectations than to tell your customer / manager "sorry it's going to be late" (and if you know it is going to be late, tell them straight-away and work out when the new delivery date will be - and build in some slack!).

You may be wondering why I'm talking "Management speak" when this is a blog about my Art? Well  . . . . . . . there's been delays on my latest work and I'm not sure when I can get it finished. The issue is that I cannot predict how well or not I'm going to be, so it's not about allowing slack time, say for supplies to be late, or things happening where I lose time on the painting. It's about how able I am to paint.

I've had some real "challenges" with my arms and the Medics are working on possible solutions. I've tried to stay upbeat, especially with Christmas just around the corner with lots of fun things planned; but I have to admit that I have felt a bit down, and that's even doing positive attitude affirmations, meditation and relaxation exercises. Most of my lowness is down to frustration and dealing with my new challenge. Anyway one thing life has taught me is that everyone's life has a natural rhythm to it and that it's natural sometimes to feel a bit low when tough things happen. The main thing is to hang in there and keep being you, so whilst I've not been able to do much, if any painting I have been able to keep tweeting and responding to sales of my work.

Thank you for hanging around waiting for the latest news, here is the latest photo of Miami Ice.

There's still a lot of work to be completed, as you can see; including adding the Ice Cream Cart, creating the male figure, completing the car and then adding detail touches. I was hoping when I started that it would be finished by Christmas; now I know it will definitely not be.

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See you again soon.



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  1. It's looking great! Great things take time:) You are doing great!