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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Miami Ice Part 4 and other news.

It's been a very busy period, not on my art unfortunately for some; no it's been a busy period in family life, creating golden memories for my children at Disneyland Paris and preparing for Christmas.

Also I've had quite a bad low phase this time and this has resulted in more Hospital treatments and tests (in the New Year I said not before Christmas).

During this period my creative mind has come up with even more ideas for paintings and some Pantone marker drawings which I'm rough sketching up now to see if they are viable. I'll let you know which if any will work.

Meanwhile I have completed the base colour on the Chevy and added stage one shadows and highlights. The girls tee shirt dress is based in with detailing to add. There is still much to do as you can see, including a key piece deliberately left out until the near end (which will make it obvious why the title is Miami Ice).

In answer to a couple of questions the work is on 5ft wide by 4ft high stretched museum grade canvas and I'm using Windsor and Newton fine art Acrylic paints.

Shoes and hair base added.

Big windy hair added and note precursor reflections.

Car body colour added and stage 1 shadows and reflections added. 

Some key points;

  • The reflections are entirely imaginary. 
  • The car is derived from three different reference photographs (and not one of them is this blue)
  • The girl happens, just by chance, to look like one of my daughters.

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Wishing you a great day.



PS. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.


  1. Thanks for sharing how your painting progresses. I love all your works of art. You are truly talented. Merry Christmas to you, Mike. Blessings.

  2. Wow that's a nice substantial size! Great work love seeing it progress, thanks for sharing.

  3. I always the detail and dedication you have to your artistry Mike. I hope your holidays are warm and wonderful. Take care and hears to a healthy New year!

  4. I love how you show us each addition to your art. It's such a treat to watch your work progress.

  5. Great post, adding the windblown effects gives lots of life to your story