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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

January 2014 the way it is . . .

Some of my friends have been doing a review of their year 2013 and what they achieved last year, some have truly inspired me; but I'm not going to conduct a review of my 2013 here just a few highlights that made it a great year;

  • Spectacular holidays in far flung places 
  • Getting my work to the printers
  • My website went live

I'm struggling under a muggle-wrap of a bad phase at the moment and although my treatment strategy from my Medical team has been adjusted, it hasn't helped. "My pain experienced level is exquisite" (a phrase my Dr used after testing me). I find this phrase exotic and yet strangely appealing as it adds something to the listener / reader rather than just saying "I'm in a lot of pain" leaves out. Today is the first day in 12 days that I can see a bit of light through the mist of pain and feel able in mind and body to add to my blog. Having a positive mindset helps but this only takes you so far, I rate persistence and determination to reach goals higher. Later this month I'm having some assessment days and treatment in Hospital and I'm hoping this is going to take me to a different level.

I have not been able to paint anything for 24 days and although this has bugged me, I've learned to accept what cannot be changed. The good news is that this has coincided with the Christmas festivities and seeing the joy of my children has been great.

Looking forward into 2014 I'll be finishing Miami Ice, creating a "new series" of paintings and opening up shop in China (the deal is nearly done).

So there's some great things to look forward to and get on with when I can.

As this is primarily a blog about my Art I'll show you a picture of a nearly finished piece (now finished) from a year or two ago. This one cannot be scanned and giclee printed because of the gold paint used in the corn field so it stays in my collection for now;

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  1. Michael, your art always feels so alive. I hope this new treatment helps relieve some of your pain and you can get back to doing what you love full time.

  2. You art is incredible, Michael. It is so real! Looking forward to seeing your works of art this year. Wishing you much happiness, good health and prosperity.

  3. Sending you prayers and I know this is going to be a great year for you and for your Art!

  4. Agree with Molly. Prayers as you walk through this. Amazed at how you are dealing with it. Yes, it's going to be a great year!

  5. Not great to have to live with pain. You have a great outlook however, and that is always a plus. May this be settled for you sooner than later. I will pray for you, Michael.

  6. Thank you for all your well wishes! I do appreciate them xx

  7. It seems like so many of us struggle with something - I am hoping that 2014 is your healthy year so you can do what you love! (PS I commented two times before -- last week from my ipad- it kept disappearing before posting! hope this works from the PC).

    1. Rita, thank you and got it this time :)

  8. . . . . also I've moved the blog to my new website. You can find it here Thanks everyone Mike