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Friday, 4 October 2013

Website goes Live and other "Stuff."

The BIG news for me recently has been getting my website live. It launched on time, officially on my Birthday 1st October 2013 which was fun! A double celebration and a very exciting day for me. Thank you to everyone who made it special xx.

Have a look around the site if you like it please share with your friends; if you think something needs fixing or you don't like something let me know on the website or in the comment space below, thanks.

My favourite parts of the new site are the pages showing my work in a living space, this is The Posse;

The Posse at home. Prints available here

I'm biased of course but this is my favourite. But I love them all . . . .

Over the next few months additional features will be added to the site including the option to buy Post Cards and other merchandise. This has been requested by so many people, that I've talked to a few suppliers to see how to get it done to the standard I want. Not that I'm fussy about my work . . . . no correct that; actually I'm very fussy about how my work is presented to you, my Customers, my liker's, my followers and of course my critics. It has to be the best quality materials used in the prints and anything else that my work appears on. It's something I had not even thought of, but I'm always open to new ideas. I'll let you know how this progresses.

I've also been on a shopping spree to buy the new canvas and top up my paint store for my next piece. And I've got some new equipment to help me get the best out of me:) which I'm also really excited about.

My regular readers, followers and liker's may remember the news about my recent health MOT; well the outcome is that some of my medications have been increased and some changed for a different approach. It took me a few days to get used to the increased doses and changes (made me feel foggy and a bit vacant - and anyone who says there's no change there then, will be immediately removed from my Christmas card list). I'm feeling a bit more stable and with-it today, so I thought I'd try getting some news on my blog and here it is.

Looking forward I'm hopeful that I can start my next painting very soon. And as usual I'll post up progress peaks of it as it takes shape.


  1. Hi Mike, congrats on getting her out on schedule! Looks great very sleek, minimal, & contemporary, so your art takes center stage. One thing add some social media share buttons and follow buttons so you can build your network, time to interact socially, and grow your following! Ps your on blogger, be sure to get on G+ grow your SEO.