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Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Future is Taking Shape.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is stop and take stock of where you are.

Right now my website is in soft launch mode (meaning only friends, family and some techies know its live) while clever folks work on things like predicting load balancing, peak bandwidth modelling and other stuff; meanwhile I'm itching to launch and get it out there. . . . . on this occasion I'll bow to the process and do the launch on my birthday 1st October. Standby World, my Art is coming your way soon!

There are things to add incrementally making the site more interactive in the months after launch. But it will launch with full e-commerce capability for those who want my work in their space; and of course there are high quality images of each piece including how they look hung up in a living space.

The Posse in a living room.
For the technically minded, astute art lover or someone who's just interested in what makes my work live, there are also in-depth descriptions of the archive high quality papers and canvases that my work is reproduced upon.

It's been a long journey for me, from discovering that I could produce work that people enjoy (and I really love doing) to actually having prints of my work available and on sale. I'm really trying to make my dream come true and you, yes you, are helping it happen. Thank you :)

Lots of my friends have said now is the time to get out there and start networking, which I have to say I'm really nervous about. My health challenges have turned me into a bit of a social recluse, sure I have friends and family that I see often, who know me and my condition. But that's different from "getting out there" and talking about my work . . . . . I'm up for it because I have to, to fulfil my dream, it's part of the process. Anyway I promised myself early on that I would do what it takes.

Anyway it seems I'm going to need some business cards and I want to put one of my pictures on the back, should it be Baby Lush? The Posse? The Cruisers? or Summer? so readers what's your opinion? Let me know in the comment box below.

Thanks for being there.




  1. Definately The Posse! I love it. I'm a social recluse too so I know how hard it is to get out there. The world needs to see your art though so keep going!

  2. WOW! I love all 3 favorite is The Cruiser. :) And I agree with your is time to get out there and network. You are talented and have an amazing gift! It would be wonderful to share.

  3. First choice The Posse. Just visited Montana! hahaha The Cruiser would be 2nd choice. Can't wait to see all your art.

  4. I like the crusier - but it's a business card and it's pretty small maybe summer would be best? You should try your top 3 online first sometimes when you lay it out less is more.

  5. You are CRAZY TALENTED! SO honored to be able to view your art! I am torn between the posse and the cruisers... Tfs :-)visiting from #sscnet

  6. Thanks for this post, it is hard to "get out there". My vote is Posse but you should pick which one that speaks most deeply to you. It will be the one piece that most represents you.

  7. I would say either the Posse or Summer. Both are great images.

  8. Hi Mike, I agree the Posse or the Cruisers would be my choice, have you considered maybe having more than one choice printed up? I love the cowboy image it is my favorite, but the red sports car with the cowboy would have a broader market appeal. I agree with Diane, choose the image that you associate with the most. But then again, you could choose more than one!

  9. Well, Mike, it is a tough decision. I like them all, but it is between the Posse and the Cruiser. I like the Posse because I love the scenery and the cowboys, but the Cruiser has your name and shows you going somewhere, which is exactly what you want to do. Yes, networking is important, and thanks to the internet, we can do that without getting dressed. Good luck in your new endeavors.