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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Looking Forward and a Quick Look Back . . .

In many ways it's been a great summer, I've had my family and friends around me and I've had as much fun as I can watching them play and being there.

I've not been able to do any painting this summer because of my health challenges so I've been doing "Gedankenexperiments" (experiments using only your mind - something I learnt in my engineering years and made famous by Albert Einstein). Using this technique I have completely scoped my next two pieces and painted them in my imagination, they are ready for when I can start to paint again and they are filed away in my mind-file called "pending work;" it's another technique I learned but this one was taught to me to help me cope and compartmentalise "my health issues."  

Both pictures involve cars and that's all I'm saying right now. 

I've also taken the opportunity to review my goals and the strategy of how to achieve them;

  • Become a world famous artist.
  • Hold exhibitions in the worlds major cities.

Of course any offers of help would be greatly appreciated!! 

If you can help me, or think you know someone who can, please contact me via this blog or through my twitter account @Michae11O

Got some new equipment coming as well to help me which I'm really looking forward too!

The problem with having a chronic neurological condition; (which I will not name - not because I'm in denial - but because I don't want labels attached to me) is that you just don't know what's going to happen next or what new treatments will come along. 

Looking forward, I have two pieces ready to go, new kit coming soon; and it's time to get over to my favourite art shops and restock with more paintbrushes (you can never have too many) and more paint and of course get the canvases delivered. Hopefully I can start again very soon. 

My new "Official" Website will be open for business in the next few weeks. Always dangerous publishing the opening day, in case testing reveals something but planned going live day is on my birthday 1st October.

Thanks for reading my updates and remember if you can help or someone you know can, please get in touch :)

Specifically; help in getting my work into a Gallery, help in getting my work publicised and your advice is always welcome x

Hope you have a great day!



  1. Will look forward to seeing your works. Always keep your aspirations high! Best of luck with this venture.

  2. Website launch on your birthday? How exciting! Looking forward to taking a gander! Best advice I can give about getting yourself out there is.... network my friend, and share your stuff everywhere online & locally you can think of!

    1. Thanx Brenda:) Theresa has been a great inspiration to me on using the power of just talking about "what you do" on social media. It really does attract people who are genuinely interested in your work. I have to admit that I'm not so good at "real world" networking. I think slower than most people and I can easily lose track; but I have a strategy for that as well, called "timed intervention." When I lose what people are saying I wait for a minute then interrupt politely and ask a question that helps focus the conversation so I can join in again (and this is the first time I've shared this).

  3. I'm so looking forward to your website Launch! Congratulations! I hope sometime you will share a little bit about the 'mental' techniques you were talking about- they sound wonderful! I have a child who has Cancer so I have some idea of how it is not to know what is coming next and how hard it plan. You are a great inspiration and I am going to recommend that he follow you on your blog:) Best wishes and Prayers!

    1. Thanks Molly :) I'll contact directly on facebook with strategies I use. TC xx

  4. Mike this sounds so wonderful--I love seeing your goals in writing. And I am glad to have "met" you online now! If you ever want to chat about your art or career, please feel free to contact me. I am on twitter as @hydrangeahippo @jenniferppriest or @cre8tivemediaworks and I will be messaging you soon.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing, Mike. It's always good to write our goals! As for launching your website and business, I would highly recommend what has helped me step-by-step to launch my business. I'll send you a PM. :)

  6. Looking forward to seeing more of your work - take care!

  7. I wish you much luck and success with your new adventure. I hope you are feeling better and can't wait to see what the future holds for you! Visiting from #sscnet :)