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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Big Day :) and other stuff . . .

Well there hasn't really been much to say about what I've been doing, mostly because of holidays :) but also because I've had a few health challenges which have kept me "subdued,"  I don't really like mentioning my health challenges but unfortunately they form an integral part of my life, so it's normal for me; (but I know folks don't want to keep hearing "he's out of it"  . . . . again). So I keep focused do what I can do and enjoy life as much as I can . . . . . and if I don't write on my blog most people will guess why (I hope).

Anyway today is the day I get to do the final acceptance view of the proofs, pick up my paintings and sign off the prints with my friends at Redcliffe Imaging in Bristol.

The framework of my new website is completed and it's just the special pages that need finishing (although I have set it back a little by deciding to change the colour of some of the interactive widgets - what can I say I'm an artist ha ha).

Nearly the final thing to say is that over the summer and the various holidays I've been on; I've changed my mind about which piece comes next in my painting schedule (hopefully I can start in the next few weeks). All I can say is that it's a summer scene and yes - there's a nice car in it (the title is secret for now). The inspiration for this one just popped into my mind whilst listening to music and snoozing (not awake but not asleep) on a sun bed by the pool on a very hot day in Turkey. When I came around I had it fully formed in my mind in colour with all the details, all i have to do is bring it to life on canvas.This means that "Lou-Lou Belle" (Lipstick and hot rods) will come along later in the year, followed by "The Race," and then maybe "Start!"

And finally . . . I would just like to say a BIG thank you to all my twitter followers (@Michae11O) and Facebook friends and liker's for being there and sending some great supportive messages. Thank you very much xx

PS: If you're new to my "world" it would be great to meet you on twitter or facebook :)

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