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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

At Redcliffe Imaging checking Proofs

Today I've spent a few hours with my friends at Redcliffe Imaging checking the first stage proofs for "Baby Luscious" and "The Posse."

Its a major job looking at colour correction and options across a large painting like "The Posse" and "Baby Luscious."

As always it's an art form in itself getting an authentic reproduction across all light mediums; so that I can say "yeah" that's an accurate reproduction that will be printed on museum grade canvas and papers. So those of who've been waiting to buy prints of The Posse and Baby Luscious all I can say is the wait is nearly over :)

Another session next week, once some tweaks have been made, but in the meantime I thought you might like to see what the proofing assessment table looks like.

The image strips are all slightly different and on paper and canvas so that we can check the reproduction on both mediums.

And to give you some idea of scale, that little picture in the middle is approximately the size of an A4 / Letter paper from a home printer.

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