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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Progress - but not in Painting "The Posse."

I haven't been able to paint or work on "The Posse" since I tried Friday morning because of health issues. It is frustrating but it does give me muse time to gaze at the work underway and contemplate other things.

It happens to me and it's part of the gig, enforced physical downtime. So I've been resting, learning and finding out more about online galleries and thinking about what my website will look and feel like. Of course it has to show my work, acting as my online portfolio, but I also want to make my art accessible to everyone who likes it and let everyone know why I'm different and why I think my work is unique. That means you can expect to see my work on accessible things in the future. Right now the immediate challenges are to get ten pieces completed so I can have my own exhibition and get my website up.

I've been persuaded by some of my "fans" to sell some limited edition special pre-launch prints and I'm getting this organised in the background; (as in I get my stuff taken to the printers and wait for the originals, prints and certificates to come back). I'm going to make the ordered pre-launch prints "special" by adding unique things to them that will not be on the mainstream limited edition prints. I am really pleased that people like my work, as so much of me goes into them.

I guess all artists have a message for the world? Mine is simple "enjoy your life's story" and make sure you tell your own with the talents you have.

Hopefully I'll be able to paint again in the near future, but in the meantime I'm thinking about my future. If you like my work it would help me if you shared this blog, thank you.

Thanks for stopping by, see you again soon, hope you have a great day.

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