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Friday, 8 March 2013

The Posse is Coming!

Well despite a few challenges (including a very intense new movement programme from my physiotherapist - which I could write pages about . . .  ), I have made progress on "The Posse".

They are definitely on the hunt for The Fugitive (more on this later) and I thought it's time to show you some sneak peaks on my progress. The painting you see is completed in spurts, often with big gaps in activity and sometimes it really is like someone else is doing the work, while I watch the brush and colours flow onto the canvas.

The picture is clear in my mind and there are other figures and riders to add along with detail to add to the foreground.

It's quite a big piece (44" x 56") stretched canvas on frame bars and I really think its going to be my best so far :)

Mountains and trees in (a misty conifer forest fronted by decidous trees). The leader is roughly sketched in with charcoal on a base of scrubland.

Skin tones based in and hat brim added.

Highlights on face added and bodywork based.

Close up of the face before final detail added.

I will add more previews as work progresses, so watch this space.

Thank you for visiting my Blog. I hope you like these previews and it has enticed you to follow my work as I progress towards my first exhibition. If you do please share my Blog with your network or follow me on twitter @Michae11O 

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