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Friday, 14 June 2013

The Up's & Down's of Life.

The ups and downs of chronic illness means that sometimes there are BIG gaps in what I'm able to post (and do in my normal life) but hey ho, life goes on for all of us; and we all have our own challenges and goals to focus on so let's move on with the latest news.

The Posse is now completed! And goes to my friends at Redcliffe Imaging next week along with Baby Lush to be scanned ready for the website launch early in July (says he, hoping the techies sort the gallery bugs out). Websites always seem to be more complicated than you think they're going to be; doesn't help when I keep thinking of things to add and change though . . . . .

I've also had some interesting conversations with some people who would like to use my images on merchandise (like Tee shirts, Greeting Cards etc) and this is a very exciting development. More on this later this year, maybe an Autumn collection?

Also in talks with a BIG name Gallery to show my entire collection (when it's finished) which is also so amazing and hard to take in, especially when I've been "out of it" (which is my phrase for the bad phases in my illness) so much recently. It just shows you that if you believe and stick with your dream good things will happen (although you do get severely tested, I believe it's just life / the Universe / God making sure, that you're sure and determined to see it through - and I am).

I am a very lucky man!

My imagination has not been quiet while I've been laid up and I have made many (very) rough sketches of some great paintings to complete in the future when I can get going again. "Lou Lou Belle" is next, then maybe "The Fugitive" (sister to The Posse), then "The Race", then "Rubber Smoke," then "Diner Doll" then "Steer Time" maybe not in that order and there some others that I like that I've not mentioned but just those above are a years effort (assuming that I don't get taken "out of it" for very long periods).  I can't wait to be able to paint again.

Thank you for following my Blog, I hope you enjoyed the update.

Best wishes


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